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Gain access to a network of buyers located in over 25 countries


More than 700 daily searches, inquiries and supply orders

Regular buyers daily

Customers from 25 countries duly identified, in the most diverse productive sectors, economic dimension and productive capacity.


Our customers are the best in their class. With them, we develop our activity in partnership, providing supply solutions for every need.




  • Access hundreds of daily queries
  • More than 1200 buying customers
  • Available 24 hours
  • 25 buyer countries
  • Quick sale opportunity
  • Find Buyers

    Speed of Sale

    Finding immediate buyers quickly and safely for your yarn is one of the advantages for fast completion of business transactions.


    We provide access to a large base of professional buyers.

  • Daily Inquiries

    Frequent buyers

    More than 700 daily inquiries and supply orders from manufacturers located in 25 countries.


    Sales completed quickly and safely.


  • Release of Fixed Stock Assets

    Create immediate liquidity

    Release and transform stock of yarns parked in warehouse into immediate financial liquidity.


    Free up your company's storage space and financial resources from the warehouse to available daily liquidity.


  • Continuous Partnership

    Services and Solutions

    We assure our customers, suppliers and partners, the completion of purchases/sales in a professional, safe and ethical manner at competitive and market prices.


    We offer solutions and advice on sales or immediate or scheduled supply, focused on maximum transaction security, controlled quality and price competitiveness.

  • Be our supplier

    Offer us your yarns

    If you are a textile yarn producer, please contact us. We are interested in your yarn.


    We make it possible to create businesses and open sales in several countries .

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