Fully Controlled

All yarns sold, internally laboratory controlled, before, during and after production in compliance with USTER standards.


Total Quality Assurance 

Quality Advantages

Quality is an unquestionable criterion for Tramatêxteis.


When buying yarn at Tramatexteis, the customer finds the right yarn for every production need, 100% controlled at the most competitive price.


In this way, costumers can easily and without surprises produce orders that nowadays require short delivery times.


All yarns sold are subject to total quality control in compliance with USTER standards.


  • Fast and safe production
  • Higher loom profitability
  • Shorter production times
  • Lower percentage of waste
  • Higher production speeds
  • Less wear on needles, accessories and energy
  • Regular and satisfied customers, repeat orders
  • full range

    All types of textile yarns

    All types of textile yarns in the most varied compositions and production technology.


    Ring Spun  |  Compact  |  Open End  |  Multivortex  |  Spandex  |  Corespun  | Texturized

    DTY FDY  |  Covered Spandex   |  Humid Spinning  | Worsted  |  Flamé  | Fancy  | etc 

    Siro Spun 

  • Stock Service

    Service and Availability

    Availability of fast deliveries of any type of yarn.


    Stock Service built and permanently adjusted according to the consumption of each client, market and trend.

  • Market Information

    Successful Purchases

    We continuously analyze market trends and movements.


    We provide our clients with an exact view at every moment, providing advance information, properly considered and contextualized, as well as guidance in risk management and good decision making.


    We provide our customers with serious and accurate information for making decisions at the right time at prices that translate into added value.

  • Immediate deliveries

    Fast deliveries

    We deliver any yarn and any quantity .


    Same day deliveries.


    Next day deliveries.


    Scheduled deliveries.


  • Quality

    We guarantee our yarns

    Absolute control of the entire production process.


    USTER laboratory analysis data sheets available individually for each batch.


    We guarantee quality and after-sales service.




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